Sept 7, 2021 Early (discounted) Registration opens!
Oct 11, 2021 Regular Registration begins
Nov 8, 2021 Late Registration begins
Nov  21, 2021 Team signup closes
Dec 3, 2021 Last day for team refunds & possibly for a first dose of vaccine*
Dec 12, 2021 Last day to upload proof of vaccination & sign waivers 
Dec 31, 2021 Last possible day to receive your last dose of vaccination⁺
Jan 1, 2022 Last day for individual player (team player or free agent) registration and vaccination documentation uploads, and individual refunds
Jan 14, 2022 Chill opening party – location TBD
Jan 15-16, 2022 LeiOut 2022!


*This is the last possible start date for the Moderna vaccine. If you get the Pfizer vaccine the last possible start date is December 10, 2021.

⁺It is possible to be fully vaccinated with one dose of many different viral vector (such as Johnson & Johnson / Janssen) or inactivated virus vaccines, otherwise you will need two doses of an approved mRNA vaccine – such as Moderna or Pfizer – with the first dose as early as Dec 3, 2021. Check your local/national health department website for all details including how and where to get your vaccination, or click here to start your journey to getting vaccinated in the US.