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  • leioutadmin
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    To help find a team, post in this forum with your name, info, and reasons why people would wanna draft you on and off the field.

  • Christopher Isaac
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    Moderate skill level, mainly cut, handle if necessary, just trying to have lei out blast for my birthday so always gonna be fun, dancing randomly and competitive!

  • Shawna
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    One male and one female matching player. I’m a handler an he’s an awesome cutter. We’re both from Canada so we can bring forbidden treats! Best for a rec div team as we just wanna have some fun 😀

    • Rommel Austria
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      Well my team has room for a guy and a gal please email me at thezerotheory@gmail.com. If you want more details of the team. No worries its in the fun rec division

    • Rommel Austria
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      If your still looking for a team my team is called Kim Jong Unicorn and your more than welcome to pickup with us. Please Email me at thezerotheory@gmail.com and I will put you on the team.

    • Danilo
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      He a team im on is looking for players email me if you are interested.

    • Tyler Jefferies
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      Are y’all still coming to LA for Leiout? Please email if you are still looking for a team. legacyulti@icloud.com . Thank you, Tyler

  • Chris isaac
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    Div 2 team needing more female players to fill out a couple spots email me if interested puzzuw69303@gmail.com

  • Zero
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    Kim Jong Unicorn is looking for 3 more ladies to fill out the Leiout roster. We do have an Airbnb by the Beach and some really awesome jersey. Please email thezerotheory@gmail.com

  • David Kanner
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    Hey all, i’m a 24YO male player, relatively new to LA, and looking to get into competitive ultimate but finding it hard to find a team looking for guys. I would consider myself a cutter but can handle alright if needed. I play recreationally at least once a week. I’m quick, play hard, and don’t hesitate to layout when necessary to get the catch or block. I am competitive however at the end of the day I just want to stay happy, healthy, and have a great time which i will do regardless of weather we win or lose. email or text me if you think you could use an extra player, sub, or cheerleader. Since i live in LA you can give me short notice. I’ll probably go anyway to spectate and meet people – davidjkanner@gmail.com, (561) 926-2169.

  • Toon Van Boxelaere
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    Hi there,
    I’m a 25 year old Belgian, who is living in LA. I have been playing ultimate for 9 years, I played Worlds U23 back in 2015.
    I’m a short, fast, layout-happy player that can both handle and cut. I would love to pick up with any team that would have me.
    Send me a mail @ toon.van.boxelaere@gmail.com

  • Matt Gordon
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    Good morning!

    The lovely Lexie Harvey and I will be in California just in time for Lei Out and would love to play! We’ve never been we’ll be in the area that weekend.

    We play for Cahoots in Asheville, NC we are both Handler/Cutters. More notably we play for HeartAttack @ Wildwood and YardSale everywhere else like Fools Fest and other tournaments through the South East.

    We offer awesomeness in many forms; I nutmeg people and shotgun beers real fast while Lexie Harvey crushes all things.

    Hope we can join you! 🙂

    <3 Matt & Lexie

  • Eli Levenson-Falk
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    Hi all,

    I’m a veteran guy cutter and occasional handler, 6’1″, pretty athletic, 31, been playing for 14 years but I still have plenty of cartilage. I will bring fresh homemade bread and pickles (along with stale, non-original jokes) to any team who needs an extra dude!

    Let me run down your hucks and feed your hunger!


  • Ben Burford
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    I’ve recently gotten into the beach scene at Lay Out in Chicago the past two years and am planning to be in LA for Leiout but I don’t have a team! 6′ athletic long time handler that likes to cut. I’d love to join a fun team and play some disc on the beach!

    – Ben

    • Ben Burford
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      I have a buddy that wants to play as well, please draft us, we are fun and we run hard 🙂

  • Victor
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    I’m an experienced male player (playing over 20 years), living here in the LA area and interested in a team. Good cutter, handler…plenty of beach experience, both from playing out here as well as Wildwood, Rimini, etc. If you’re looking for a good player with great spirit, please let me know. Thanks!


  • Miguel
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    Two males (32 and 25) looking for a team. Coming from Portland, OR. We’re fun, spirited, giggle a lot, play hard, and will reward you with the tastiest, hoppiest (or not if that’s your style), most delicious beers you’ve ever had. Or whatever else you like. We just want to play. And see that mysterious thing called the “sun”.

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