LeiOut Rules

LeiOut Rules2019-01-15T22:06:53-07:00
  • Maui division only (and A Bracket only on Sunday) to 13 according to BULA Beach Ultimate Rules. Finals to 15 on Sunday.
  • All other divisions and brackets are to 11. With finals to 13.
Often asked rules questions:
  • Win by 2, cap at 13 (15 for finals). (For Maui division on Saturday and A Bracket on Sunday, cap at 15, 17 for finals.) There are no horns to blow for soft cap or hard cap, so for avoidance of doubt, soft cap is 10 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the round, and hard cap is 5 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the round.
  • Callahan goals are legal.
  • Stall count is to 10.
  • Mirror halves. One time out per half.
  • Pulls do not need to be inverted.
  • Foot blocks are illegal.
  • The pick rule for BULA is not the same as the 11th edition USAU rule. Throws always go back to the thrower no matter what.
  • The field for 5-on-5 BULA Beach Ultimate consists of a 45m x 25m (49 x 27 yd) rectangle, with a 15m by 25m (16 x 27 yd) rectangle end zone aligned along each of the 25m (27yd) sides. Brick is 10 yards.
  • The format is 3/2 or 2/3 offense chooses.
  • For everyone’s safety, please try not to wear any footwear, with the exception of booties, or if you require footwear for medical reasons.