In a growing sport where women are trying to make a name just as much as men are, we are proud to call ourselves the LA 99s in tribute to Amelia Earhart and her flying girl gang, the Ninety-Nines. They got together with a common goal, to promote equality of women who fly. So here we are. We are the first Women’s Pro Ultimate Team representing Los Angeles.

  • Partnering to support the establishment of women’s professional ultimate in LA
  • Shows community support and a dedication to promoting equity through improved accessibility, visibility, and opportunity for women in ultimate
  • 99s want to be successful to be able to give back to the community and promote a positive feedback cycle
  • Vision for 2020 is building on the WCWU series– expanding to include more teams, more games, and possibly joining the PUL  

Southern California Youth Ultimate

Southern California Youth Ultimate (SCYU) strives to foster local, national and international amateur sports competition through the organization of activities that promote the growth of the sport of ultimate including, but not limited to: educational programs, tournaments, leagues, fundraising, exhibition events, and social events.


LAOUT or Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams is a network of Ultimate players in the greater Los Angeles area whose goal is to grow the sport of Ultimate by providing playing opportunities for people of all skill levels while promoting the Spirit of the Game.