Dearest party people, the LeiOut 2022 organizing crew is continuously monitoring the current COVID-19 landscape. While the omicron variant appears to be easily transmissible, we currently believe that LeiOut 2022 can continue with a few additional safety measures both on our end and yours:

  • Number one for everyone is to get a booster shot ASAP. Booster shots have been shown to better protect people from all of the variants and reduce the symptoms and prevent hospitalization should the virus be contracted. If you can, please consider getting your booster shot by January 1st which is two weeks before LeiOut 2022.
  • Be sure to make a sober assessment of how you feel. If you’re feeling ill in the slightest, please do not attend any remaining portion of LeiOut 2022. If you’re feeling any possible symptoms the morning of your flight or roadtrip, please cancel your trip in the interest of everyone’s health.
  • Consider getting a PCR test at least 48 hours before traveling. And then consider taking a rapid test upon arrival, and/or before heading home.
  • Keep the number of teammates in shared accommodation and carpools to a minimum. The fewer people you spend extended periods of time with indoors, the less chance of breakthrough cases. While home rentals are fun, hotel rooms help limit exposure. Should there be a positive case, these mitigation efforts could allow more of your team to continue playing.
  • Keep socially distanced on the field and off as best you can. We know this tournament is a great time to socialize, but the current COVID conditions are not ideal for all of the close-contact social interactions we all love, even outside on the beach. Consider: team cheers at least 6ft apart instead of high fives and spirit circles, line dancing, on-field discussions after taking a step back from the other player, and recommending a small group chat around a heat lamp instead of a dance floor gathering. Always and forever: be super respectful of other people’s space, communicate intentions, and listen and abide by others socializing preferences.
  • Do not share beverages or food. Gifting is encouraged, but please don’t drink from the same vessel or eat the same piece of food. 
  • Please have a mask available to wear at any time during the event (try wearing it as an extra wristband) and please wear one when approaching and inside a bathroom or tent structure including but not limited to the Spin merchandise tent, the beverage and music tent, and any medical tent. Consider wearing masks when not playing and within 6ft, even when outdoors. You might even consider wearing one while playing. Consider having a conversation about what your team is comfortable with, and what the other team is comfortable with while acknowledging everyone is coming from a different place, and that conditions may change as the event progresses.
  • The Spin merchandise tent will be concert style with a limited number of folks inside at a time. Please respect all signage around the tent stating limits, entrances, and exits.
  • While drinks will be procured under the main HQ pavilion, please move swiftly to an outdoor area to drink and hang out with others.

We are hopeful that LeiOut 2022 will be as safe and fun as ever, but we will spend the next weeks monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and reevaluating our best options for keeping all participants, staff, and volunteers safe. To be totally transparent, this may mean we need to cancel this year’s event as we get more information. We encourage all participants to evaluate their own situations carefully and to maintain social distancing and self-isolation as much as possible leading up to the event. We ask that all participants and spectators please take all health precautions recommended by the CDC and their physicians. Enjoy the holidays, get tested frequently, celebrate community on the beach in January!