How did it all begin?
Inconceivable began when a bunch of like-minded, Princess Bride fans met on a pick up team and we’ve known each other for over 10 years now. We all lived in the Central Valley of California (Bakersfield to Sacramento) and shared a love for traveling random places to play ultimate. Over the years many teammates have come and gone, both from the team and from the Central Valley, but the main players make it back to Lei Out every year (Shut Up, We’re Wizards!, Sharknado, etc.). Currently, the team is made up of a few Bakersfield inhabitants and a strong contingent from Denver and St Louis. A huge shout out the people who have kept the team going over the years and a special tribute to Evan Bacon, who left the team too soon. 

What is Inconceivable all about?
For ten years now, Inconceivable has been about reconnecting with friends and about always attempting to win the party. Through our muse, Sir Carlo Rossi, we have spread cheer and good times with others. Plenty of Princess Bride quotes have been deployed throughout the years, always offering if “Anybody wants a peanut”. No matter our opponent, our mantra has always been “As … you…. wish….”

What are some favorite memories from Lei-Out?
A few that I can remember: 1) Offering the sacrament on Sunday morning with assistance from free french bread from tournament central and multiple bottles of Carlo Rossi 2) Mistaken identities on the dance floor and “You’re not Jenny” – Dan Distad will know 3) the epic “lay out” game with Sharknado that ended up in at least one broken nose 4) even though it sounds cheesy, the knowledge that “death cannot stop true love”