How it all started?

In 2012 our Leiout team started off as Kim Jong Illin which at the time was mainly comprised of Ex ESL teachers that played ultimate in South Korea and in Asia. This was our fun little outlet to catch up on old times and reminisce our love of Soju and playing in tournaments around Asia. After three years going as Kim Jong Illin and threats from Paypal due to payments from North Korea things. We decided to change it to Kim Jong Meowin and not only has our roster changed from having former ESL teachers that played in South Korea in various tournaments around Asia and people that played on Boshintang. We have a team that comes from various ultimate communities in Austin, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Boise and much more. So every three years we go through numerous name changes so Paypal can’t us on the North Korea Things anymore.

2012-2015  Kim Jong Illin
2016- 2018 Kim Jong Meowin
2019 Kim Jong Unicorn Riders

What is Kim Jong Unicorn Riders About
What this team is mainly about is creating a fun atmosphere with various people that come from different ultimate communities around the world. At the same time introducing different teams to Soju while avoiding the American past time of getting Iced.

Leiout Memories
  • One of our teammates while looking for Uber driver accidentally mistaken a random white car as our Uber driver. Even though our Uber driver was the next car behind us.

  • A certain someone getting iced while going through airport security

  • Our team joining the massive dance party after the last game on Sunday

  • The whole team managing to kill off over 2 kegs of beer during Leiout weekend

  • After running a half marathon one our teammates still had the energy to still play on Sunday.