What year did you start playing at Lei-Out?

Unclear. Sometime between 2010 and 2012.

Who started ManBeerPig?

Ashley Snyder named ManBeerPig after KT Herrera flippantly approved of it, thinking this would definitely be a one-off thing. Bob Suvanich “started” ManBeerPig by having enough rewards points as a person with Marriott Platinum Status to afford a hotel room. Emily Stege has singlehandedly kept the team viable for the last 7 to 14 years.

What is ManBeerPig about?

Welcome to manbeerpig, a team named after a decade-old joke making fun of Al Gore for being concerned about climate change from a show that no longer carries any cultural cache. Actually, considering the way the way that our country is willfully ignorant of a trend that could kill most of our species, that Al Gore joke could be fairly characterized as a moral failing of the show’s creators. Anyway, so our team is called manbeerpig and this is somewhere between our 5th and 12th year playing lei out.

What are some favorite memories from Lei-Out?

You should play manbeerpig because this one time I saw Vince Reydams pretend to be a horse for 2 hours and I swear to god it was the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Please come back to Lei Out, Vince. The second reason is because we always get seeded in elite and we’re never sure why and then we’re in quarterfinals playing against actual good ultimate players and it’s hilarious. This one time Fran Kelly got a lay out D on Beau and was so beside himself with happiness that he just sat down and smiled until somebody scored. The other reason is we have never once lost to a team from Canada. A final reason is that a different year that was last year we played a Los Angeles team and it was windy and the weather was bad and Sam Applegate had some horrible vendetta against them for reasons that only she can know in her crazy aggro brain and so Sam is dunking on everybody and screaming and shit and i was like ok whatever cool and so in the in the high five line afterwards i was saying “good game” but what i meant was “jeez wow i’m sorry you decided to play this frisbee tournament i bet you didn’t know you’d spend sunday morning watching sam applegate gnaw on the bones of your super overblown suppositions of athletic prowess i hope you can at least get brunch later you look like you could use a waffle.” A second final reason is because this other time i ran into Stege at a brewery in Minneapolis and then we sat at the same table but then we didn’t really talk because I was afraid of interrupting what might have been a romantic thing, so I didn’t say much to her except that I gave her a half-eaten appetizer, which she accepted. Stege is incredibly gracious.