Angela Lansbury’s Famous Hot Tacos materialized from the asada smoke of the IE in 2009 when erstwhile University of Redlands Jackalopes Captain Andy Bone sent out the Jackalope yodel forming an alumni team for LeiOut.  Bone recollects that the team name was chosen when “I threw out a list of potential names and this was the least worst of them all.”

In the ensuing decade dozens of former Redlands Jackalopes, Jillalopes, Choda Bears… players from the days before a team name existed… from the Nineties, Aughts, and Teens, have gathered with friends and family from across the globe in Sunny SoCal to revel in the camaraderie of LeiOut’s zesty brackets.

Heather, Travis, Sgt. Jim, Les, Andy, Becky, Matt, and others have played various Taco Central roles.  Casey Yoshitake went 4Loko!

The Angela Lansbury’s Famous Hot Tacos anticipate, con amor y sabor, our family reunion at LeiOut each January as we celebrate Travis looking off all open cutters in favor of the 50-50 huck, beverages!, welcoming J’lope alums, Megan’s Portland tan, hi-jinks!, Becky and her babies, Zac’s Maine tan, parties!, the annual Taylor sighting, tromping around the beach seeing many friends across dozens of teams, making new friends from Chile and Yuma, setting the over-under on how many points before Stretch tweaks something… and on, and on!

¡Ay, ay, ay, arriba!

¡Tacos o Muerte!