What year did you start playing at Lei-Out?

2012 was the first year our bodies attended, but it immediately became clear that our spirits had been attending for much longer — probably starting in past lives or something (because we’re definitely young enough for that to be possible)

Who started Better Leied Than?

Danger Hunter floated the idea to go, Left Ball Demboski came up with the name, and those two jokers plus Rodeo Keith and Skittles Kellogg captained in the early years. At this point the primary drivers of the team, having never missed a year, are Left Ball, Easy Gierard, Left Ball’s nevernudes (there are dozens of us!!!), and the team’s collection of adult-themed tattoos (which may or may not be of the temporary variety — you’ll have to come meet us to find out for sure). Unfortunately the XPLOD, our beloved boom box, is no longer with us.

What is Better Leied Than about?

Better Leied is really about people and bonding, getting leied, dancing, aforementioned naughty tattoos, and winning (the off the field kind, for clarification see our logo). In year one, we didn’t know each other very well, and in the space of two days were taken off guard by how much fun we had with ourselves (that’s right) and the other teams, and how much we fell in love with each other, our opponents, random bystanders, comically LAish muggles wandering by, the beach, the ocean, the sunsets, the everything, yes, YES, IT’S SO GREAT, I WANT TO DO IT EVERY YEAR!!! Wow, that was intense. Anyway, the team looks different every year, but all this has remained the same. We show up with our team dance, our spirit, our wine box drill, some good breakfast burritos, and the rest is gravy. Sexy gravy. LA Beaches + us + you = SO much fun.

What are some favorite memories from Lei-Out?

So many! In the early years we stayed at a campground up in Malibu which had the most divine view of the ocean and sunsets, as well as access to the best breakfast burritos in the universe (Lily’s). Apparently the campground has a really great bathroom too because one night we inexplicably chose it as our party spot well into the wee hours, and remember the door code to this day (251!!!!!). Other highlights include ridiculous antics around Santa Monica — dancing in the middle of all-walk intersections, 1am half-and-half shots at IHOP, Friday/Sunday night karaoke and wheelbarrow-sized margaritas at Cabo Cantina. It turns out that dropping a couple thousand silly Frisbee people into the middle of a place like Santa Monica is delightfully fun and ridiculous, and we firmly believe helps make the world a better place.