First Lei Out?
2008 (??) Wow. 11 years.

How did it all begin?
DTB has been around since 1997, starting first as an open team at Fools Fest West and then expanded to a mixed team at Potlatch (now Sunbreak) before setting our sights on the beaches of Lei Out.

What is DTB about?
DTB is a minority-majority team that celebrates Pride, Diversity, Knowledge, Heritage, Unity, Strength, and Struggle.  The team’s goal is to build bridges and provide space to celebrate uniqueness while still playing the sport we all love.

What are some favorite memories from Lei-Out?
  • DJ Dave spinning old-school jams, and playing MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech during games.
  • Winning the party – DTB is never far from the dance floor.
  • Having the circle on the beach as the sun sets and everyone huddling together for warmth.