Lei-Out 2019 is coming soon.  As we approach the date in January, I want to give props to the teams that have made this tournament fantastic!  So every week or so, I’ll try to spotlight a new team who has been a long-time staple at Lei-Out.  Starting with a favorite of mine:


First Lei-Out: 2011 (“Smallest squad we’ve ever brought to leiout. such a tight crew, tho”)

2019 will be their 9th year at the tourney.
How did it all begin?
Marce! started po!do! in the summer of 2007 for Potlatch. Markham joined the team in 2008 and took over captaining after that year. She’s captained PO!DO! every year at Leiout since 2011!

What is PODO about?
friendship, support, togetherness, dance parties x 1000, getting so weird, triple kisses, costumes, neon

What are some favorite memories from Lei-Out?
This past year has been one of my all-time favorites. The internal struggle between fish tops and fish bottoms really fueled us. Brach and Teru played a ROCK AND ROLL SHOW at the party and it was so. amazing.

In general, I have a lot of fond memories of karaoke on Sunday nights. In 2016 we actually had karaoke on our sidelines and brach played all the songs on his guitar! soooo awesome!  We started doing themes in 2014, and that is one of my favorite parts of Leiout every year now. Below is a list of the slogans we put on our tanks and the corresponding teams each year.

2018 = you can only choose one (fish tops vs. fish bottoms)
2017 = don’t send help (was supposed to be “stranded on a tropical island” theme… #rain)
2016 = podo (90s theme)
2015 = safety third (lifeguards)
2014 = do what you feel is right (rainbows)
2013 = sorry i’m not sorry (SINS)
2012 = PO!DO! Year 2
2011 = PO!DO! Year 1