The Gnomes

In 2010 The Gnomes started their annual ceramic family vacations to Santa Monica and then Huntington Beach.  The core was comprised of alumni and current players from THE Las Positas College aka LPC aka The College Behind Costco in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In our first year we added players from around the world. By asking for players on the leiout message board. We were lucky enough to add to our family Kaye Ray, a social media influencer from the Philippines, a couple from the Northeast and the Queen of Chicago Kyla Shyla Waite (who has not missed a leiout ever since). Every year we add new lawn familia and sometimes you strike gold, like Han Chen, Kristen Pojunis, Trevor ‘Quod’ Purdy, and Gavi Gelbert.

***Honorable mention: Ellen DeGenerous professional look-a-like Jack Hanson also from the Windy City.

After that, through different connections, the Gnomes have grown into a family of over 40, so based on who can go that year we have brought two teams and will be doing the same this year. And play in the same pool.

We have a great time coming up with gnome theme’d team names.

2012 Gnomies Seedless Garden
2013 Gnomie Don’t Play Dat
2014 CHYRgnomeBYL
2015 illumiGNOMIE
2016 AgnomeNOUS
2017 GnomeMEgusta
2018 Gnomasté
2019 ASTROgNOMY 101 & 102

Leiout is extremely special to our lawn hooligan army. From dancing the night away at random bars to our Monday trips to Disneyland. Leiout is our family reunion. Or at least that’s what I put on my time off request form.

-Papa Gnome