How did it all begin?

Zephyr began in San Dimas back around 2008ish or so as a group of Bodacious UA(z) friends that wanted to take some historical princesses to the prom with us. The whole team crammed into the tiny apartment of the team founder and it has been a most Excellent Adventure since.  Thanks to Rufus, and other great leaders like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and Socratic Method we’ve come to appreciate that rich history.

What is Zephyr all about?

We’re all about Being excellent to each other, and partying on…

also, wearing our Most Triumphant Jorts.

What are some of your favorite memories
  • Our most excellent friend Kalgin Koch, who we commemorate every year.
  • Roof hot tubs n glass elevators. Parties at Monsoon nightclub. Playing against Hobo Stab Titty Grab.
  • Many great “pickups” throughout the circuits of time, our very own Real Life Billy the Kid. Strange things afoot at the Circle K.
  • Making the most resplendent sand couches.
  • Cheering Ziggy Piggy and bodysurfing in between games.