Your captain would pre-purchase using the captains’ form. Basically there are three entrances to the State Beach with six potential lanes to pay park attendants; there is plenty of parking and once you’re inside the park you can access the entire length of the event. Naturally, Ultimate players tend to all arrive at the same time and so sometimes collecting payment (card is usually slowest) creates a backup. The prepaid passes will allow folks a special lane to just cruise on in.

So much! Here are the big ones and there will be plenty more revealed along the way:

  • New Grand Master and Great Grand Master Divisions! After 21 LeiOuts, we can’t wait to have a few divisions celebrate the LeiOut tradition.
  • All divisions except the most competitive will be 4v4 for the first time in 20 years!
    • This means fields will be smaller as well: 53yd long including two 8yd endzones by 25yd wide.
    • For all 4v4 divisions the gender ratio is 2:2. For the only 5v5 division it alternates 2-3/3-2 utilizing WFDF’s Rule A.
    • The most competitive division will remain 5v5 to allow WBUC players to get valuable experience prior to the World Championships.
  • All 4v4 divisions will have two-pointers!
    • Option 1: Endzone to opposite endzone cross-gender completions.
    • Option 2: Callahans (defense catches it in the offensive team’s endzone).
  • A Saturday bye: seeing all of your friends on different fields or in different divisions is just too fun to pass up, plus maybe a proper hydration and shade break is in order.
  • Outdoor party: by hosting the epic LeiOut party on the beach, folks can enjoy the beer tent all day long and then party with the masses until 9:00 PM. Oh, and then we’ll run it back on Sunday for good measure! We have some surprises to keep it fun and funky, all the while keeping it safer outdoors.

Our local health experts are continually monitoring the COVID situation and providing further guidance to ensure LeiOut 2023 is operated in the safest and most equitable manner possible.

  • We are requiring all participants to have been  fully vaccinated by December 30, 2022. Proof thereof must be uploaded by December 30th. If you are not currently vaccinated that means you need to start the process early in order to be allowed on site by LeiOut 2023, see the important dates table. There are no medical or religious exemptions permitted for this year’s event as we are prioritizing the health and safety of our wider community and the general public.
  • If you have experienced any COVID symptoms or had a direct indoor exposure (15+ minutes in the same room) within 10 days of the event please stay home.
  • If you discover any of your teammates are positive on January 14th or later we ask that you alert the TD and have your entire team immediately leave the beach to quarantine back in your accommodations. This is too large of an event to risk transmission.
  • We will be adhering to or surpassing all National, state and local COVID-19 guidelines; as such, we ask that you have a mask available when going into enclosed areas. It’s important that we all be prepared for any last minute shifts in guidelines and protocols. Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep LeiOut 2023 and the general public safe.

If you don’t have a team you can sign up as a “free agent.” Our staff will approach teams with smaller rosters to see if they need some fun reinforcements and then will assign free agents as needed. Additionally, if there are enough free agents signed up by December 1, 2021 we will start creating free agent teams of 10-12 players. You will be alerted if you’re added to another team, a free agent team, or if you aren’t on a team by December 4 so that you can adjust any travel plans or stay registered and roll the dice that a team will need players in the last 6 weeks. On January 2, 2022 if you haven’t been placed on a team we will issue a full refund.

Yes! LeiOut is owned and run by the local adult nonprofit organization LAOUT which is a partner with the local youth nonprofit SCYU. LeiOut is LAOUT’s biggest fundraiser every year, and is paving the way for LAOUT & SCYU to grow youth Ultimate in LA by hiring full time staff. The LeiOut Task Force includes Board members from both orgs, and provides stipends for key organizers for all of their hard work.

We are planning to have a casual Friday night opening party and an epic Saturday night party outdoors! There will be plenty of music and dancing all weekend long, and we have lots of surprises along the way.

For a tournament of LeiOut’s size, one HQ simply isn’t enough. Our satellite HQs offer more teams the same amenities that the main HQ does without the long walk. We want all of you to have accessible water, food, and medical attention.

Our goal is to use what we have learned over the last two years and expand on our efforts. We will continue to focus on food, waste, and sustainable sponsorships as the clearest path towards making LeiOut more environmentally friendly. Remember that a sustainable event relies on both participants and staff making conscious decisions.

Instructions on how to login and make changes to your team roster will be included as part of the team registration confirmation email. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact us.

Yes! All individual players must complete the individual player registration process in order to complete the online waivers before being eligible to play. We will not have paper copies available at the beach and with the new COVID requirements you MUST have everything completed online by December 30, 2022.

Team refunds are available until December 4, 2022 minus a $100 admin fee. Additional individual refunds are available until December 30, 2022 minus a $25 admin fee; we cannot offer refunds to anyone thereafter. If there is a strange phenomenon (including but not limited to: a tsunami, an AQI issue, or a global health threat) that prompts local, state, and/or national authorities to ban large outdoor gatherings on Huntington State Beach, we’ll refund all fees less nonrefundable expenses.

Canceling LAOUT’s beloved and biggest nonprofit fundraising event was one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever made. Between all of the hard work and planning our staff had done and all of the logistics teams had to juggle, we made the decision that health and safety were paramount. We did our best to issue partial refunds after expenses were accounted for and our entire team sought out refunds wherever possible. If you have further questions about our 2022 finances, please direct them to

Initial LAOUT Loan $ 4,604.92
Revenue $ 179,727.89
Refunds $ (127,037.50)
Total $ 57,295.31
Repayment of LAOUT Loan $ (4,604.92)
Tournament Budget $ (5,715.44)
Operation Budget $ (5,866.75)
Apparel Budget $ (11,396.25)
Staff Budget $ (24,000.00)
Promotions Budget $ (5,711.95)
Total $ (57,295.31)
Net Operating Revenue for LeiOut 2022 $ 0.00