Hi Friend!

Thanks to you, 2023 was an epic return for LeiOut! Sure the Saturday weather played rough and canceled our Saturday night beach party, but we pivoted quickly together: y’all took HB Beer Co and Hurricane’s by storm, Sunday games (mostly) got figured out after rebracketing the whole event, we celebrated our first LeiOut wedding, new yurt and performer experiences were a delight, the beach beer garden was introduced, and championships were won. Dang; nice work y’all…should we run it back?! I think so. Needless to say…

LeiOut 2024 is going to be even better!

Okay, okay, okay; what do you need to know?!

When & Where
LeiOut 2024 will be on January 13 & 14, 2024 on the beautiful Huntington State Beach.

Heroes and villains! Do you have a playing persona, and a party persona? Are you only at LeiOut to save the day? Or are you there to wreak havoc? Please don’t actually do that; but we do love a good villain just as much as the next oxymoron.


  • All day Saturday and Sunday 21+ folks can use their drink ticket in the party pavilion, and enjoy fun activities while watching the exciting action on nearby fields.

  • Saturday, after games, we’ll all parade down the beach and party with a live DJ on the beach until 8:15 PM before folks head into town for the unofficial afterparty. Expect some fun hero & villain shenanigans.

  • Sunday, we’re working on more deals for an unofficial after-tourney party; did someone say karaoke? Oh right, I just did.


  • All divisions use a 2:2 mixed ratio

  • Games to 13; hard cap at 50 minutes


  • All team participants, free agents, and party pass holders will get 1 free beverage ticket redeemable at the party pavilion, plus a live DJ and performers entertaining until 8:15 PM Saturday at the official party on the beach, and 6:15 PM Sunday.

  • All participants and spectators have access to the Welcome Party, shuttles (if provided, based on # of registrants), spirited Ultimate action, bathrooms, filtered water, roaming entertainment, chill ambient tunes, & any unofficial after parties.

So there it is. We can’t wait to party with you back in Huntington Beach! Our website is under construction this week but expect more details and a hype video mid next week. Moving forward together,

Grant Boyd
Tournament Director


What’s new?

  • We added a Masters Division (“Crenshaw”), in addition to our GM (“Rodeo”) & GGM Divisions (“Olvera”).

  • All division names have been changed to reflect Los Angeles via some of its most famous streets.

  • We’re onboarding a Competition Assistant TD to make sure the schedule is locked and the ship can’t get knocked even if El Ninõ pours on our party deck.

  • All divisions are 4v4 this year; there are a lot of reasons for this, but partly it allows us greater scheduling and field layout flexibility.

  • We’re going to try out an experimental field size! Miss 5v5 hucks but always wondered why 4v4 fields were so wide? Take a look, try it out, give us feedback:

  • The party tent is going to be much larger and more weather resistant; the more folks that register, the bigger the party zone.

  • No COVID vaccination mandate – our parent org, LAOUT, recently dropped this requirement after most large institutions also dropped their mandate; your safety is still our top concern, and we very much encourage all participants to 1) keep their COVID & flu vaccinations up to date, and 2) cancel travel plans or stay away from the beach if any COVID symptoms surface.



One of the biggest and most competitive co-ed Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in the United States and the world.


“If there’s one thing I love at tournaments, it’s the tournament party.”