Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2018-11-13T20:26:03-07:00

Lei-Out is returning to Huntington Beach! It’s back on MLK weekend! And the big, epic party we had in 2018 is returning!

What’s new for 2019?

The biggest change is right at the top. Brian Calle, the TD of Lei-Out the last 14 years is moving on due to his demanding work schedule. Under his leadership, Lei-Out grew to become one of the largest beach tournaments in the world, and Brian will be sorely missed. His smile, love of Ultimate, and his playful nature makes him a joy to be around, and he’s done so much to make Lei-Out what it is today. It’s hard to even think of Lei-Out without him.
The new TD is myself, Andy Bandit, and I’m no stranger to Lei-Out. I started attending as a player and captain in 2003 and have been doing the scheduling for Lei-Out since 2004. I was also the President of the local organization LAOUT from 2005 to early 2018 and currently sit on their Board. I’ve run leagues and tournaments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’ve taken stats for LA league, college and club teams. And I’ve run social events for the LAOUT community.
The Chief Operational Officer is Russell “Spike” Gaskamp who has also sat on the LAOUT Board, and has been running tournaments himself for many years, including the US Beach Open which he created because of his great passion for beach ultimate.

How do you intend to improve Lei-Out?

Our move to Huntington Beach last year addressed a couple of the past problems, most notably by bringing back a large scale party.  But there’s still more to be done.  For example:

– Increasing staff
– Having more trained medical persons on hand
– Creating uniform field size
– Better trash pick-up
– Better availability of water and other supplies
– Financial transparency
– Transportation to and from the fields
– Providing the same experience for all teams regardless of the bracket you’re in and where you are on the beach

We want you to come and love this tournament.  Because WE love this tournament, and it’s important to us that every team has the same fun time.

What is a satellite Frisbee Central?

For a tournament of Lei-Out’s size, one Frisbee Central just simply isn’t enough.  Our goal is to create multiple smaller Frisbee Centrals that are dedicated to a certain number of teams and offer the same amenities that the main Frisbee Central does, so no matter where you are on the field, you’re close to water, food, medical attention, and information.

What is Lei-Out’s relationship with Throwback?

Lei-Out and Throwback have been in regular communication this year, including coordinating release statements and the opening of registration.  Lei-Out understands why Throwback was created, and we support the values that they have listed on their website.  We are not in conflict, and there is mutual respect.  Our goal for Lei-Out is to show everyone that we will continue to improve, and will listen to your concerns and will address them.

Will Lei-Out and Throwback look to reunite in 2020?

Hopefully.  The fact that we’re being supportive of each other is a great sign going forward.  We’ll likely sit down and discuss options after the completion of the events this January.

Do Lei-Out and its organizers support the local ultimate community?

Yes. As the former President of LAOUT, and a current Board member, one of my goals is to make sure the local community receives a percentage of the proceeds from Lei-Out.  That includes SCYU (Southern California Youth Ultimate.)

Will you have financial transparency?

Yes.  I believe in financial transparency, and I’ve posted budgets on the leagues I’ve run in Los Angeles.  I understand you want to know where your money is going, and I’ll have a full spreadsheet available on-line shortly after the tournament ends.

Will there be a Lei-Out party?

Absolutely.  The party we had last year was amazing, and it’s coming back and it’s going to be even better.  If there’s one thing I love at tournaments, it’s the tournament party, and so having a party is very important to me.  And I will be there to drink and dance with you.  We’re also going to bring back the Friday and Sunday parties as well.  Why stop the fun when you can do it three days in a row?

What’s the deal with the field size for Lei-Out?

All fields will be regulation size, as they were in 2018. But we’re open to some divisions having slightly smaller fields if that’s a majority request.  But for now, we’re defaulting to all fields being regulation.  We also have some lined fields this year, with a goal of eventually having all fields lined, but that will take a few years to accomplish.  We’ll add more lined fields every year until we’ve achieved our goal.

What is Lei-Out doing about environmental sustainability?

This year, Lei-Out is making sustainability a core value. Our goal for the 2019 tournament is to begin exploring how to make our event as environmentally sustainable as possible with an eye towards making it a carbon-neutral event in the future. It’s a large goal and it will take some time to fully achieve, but we will start this year by implementing some new ideas and gathering information about the impacts of our tournament.

Making Lei-Out sustainable will take the participation of not just staff, but everyone on the beach. We hope to empower players and captains by relaying ways teams can help before and during the tournament, and by conducting a survey at the end of Lei-Out to better understand what modes of transportation players are using, where they are staying, and other info that will help us better evaluate our full environmental impact.

This is a new process for us, and there’s going to be growing pains along the way, but if we work together, we can build a sustainable future for Lei-Out! Any questions or suggestions, please contact Mike Dow at

If you have other questions you’d like answered, please feel free to ask me to include your question in this FAQ page.