Lei-Out is returning to Huntington Beach! It’s back on MLK weekend! And the big, epic party we had in 2019 is returning!

What’s new for 2020?

Excellent question.  Although we took a lot of great strides last year, we’re still improving, and right off the bat I can tell you some changes we’re going to make.  We’ll be even more organized this year, getting all those fields and cones set up in advance so no matter where you play, your field will be ready for you.  And this year we’ll have a majority of the fields lined.  One day we’ll have them all lined, but it’s an ongoing process.  The party is in the same location as last year, and we’ll be allocating more resources to the party to improve on some of the shortcomings from last year.  There’s also a couple more activities we’re working on, but I’ll keep that a surprise until you get there.

Why did you increase registration?

Believe me, I don’t ever like to charge players more, but the beach permit is pretty expensive.  If you saw the budget we posted, you can see the actual amounts.  And in order to make some of the improvements I mentioned above, we hope you’re okay with paying a little bit more, knowing that all the funds are going into making the tournament better.

Why are we still in Huntington Beach if it costs so much?

Huntington does have a couple advantages.  First of all, we saw the results of the post-tourney survey from last year, and between Huntington and Santa Monica, where Lei-Out used to live, a pretty large majority of responders (nearly 2 to 1) preferred Huntington.  It has a very big beach area compared to other cities along the coast, and the beach is pretty accommodating to many of the requests we’ve had.  It’s a good city to work with despite the high cost.  And we hear a lot of compliments about the sand in Huntington, which is always important.

What are satellite Frisbee Centrals?

For a tournament of Lei-Out’s size, one Frisbee Central just simply isn’t enough. Our goal has been to create multiple smaller Frisbee Centrals that are dedicated to a certain number of teams and offer the same amenities that the main Frisbee Central does, so no matter where you are on the field, you’re close to water, food, medical attention, and information.

Do Lei-Out and its organizers support the local ultimate community?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Lei-Out is run by the local organization LAOUT, which is a partner with the local youth organization SCYU. This year we’ll also be partnering with the Los Angeles professional women’s team Astra.

Will there be a Lei-Out party?

Absolutely. We’ll be returning to the same place as last year, which is now re-branded as Legacy. It’s a great night club with plenty of music and dancing. And because it opens up into adjoining spaces, it is large enough to accommodate the whole tournament. And as mentioned above, we’ll be putting more resources into the party to improve areas of need from last year.

What is Lei-Out doing about environmental sustainability?

Last year, Lei-Out made sustainability a core value, and in our post-tournament survey, over 90% of you said continuing these efforts was important. So in 2020, our goal is to use what we learned last year and expand on our efforts. We will continue to focus on food, waste and sustainable sponsorships as the clearest path towards making Lei-Out environmentally friendly. We’ll also work to improve our social media outreach and find more ways to get the community involved. Like we said last year, making Lei-Out sustainable will take the participation of not just our staff, but everyone playing in the tournament. Any questions or suggestions, please contact Mike Dow at sugar_mountain@mac.com.

How do I make changes to my team’s roster?

Instructions on how to login and make changes to your team roster will be included as part of the team registration confirmation email. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact us.

My captain has prepaid for me, do I still need to register?

Yes! All individual players must complete the individual player registration process in order to complete the online waiver and medical waiver and be eligible to play.

What is the refund policy?

Team refunds and individual refunds are available if you have to cancel your bid for Lei-Out 2020. You can receive refunds if you cancel anytime up until one week prior to the tournament. But we cannot give refunds to anyone canceling after January 12.

What is the gender ratio?

For 2020 the gender ratio will be 3-2 or 2-3 offense chooses.

If you have other questions you’d like answered, please feel free to ask me to include your question in this FAQ page.