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      Os triceps are extremely functional muscles, as they participate in virtually all push movements in different planes and, even so, they help in stabilizing some other movements.

      It is always good to note that the triceps make the difference in a good physicist. People with small arms don’t look good, much so that the rest of their shape is reasonable.

      The importance of arms is so great that, for example, I have never seen a bodybuilder lose a championship for having too big arms. Now, stop winning for small arms, I’ve seen a lot!

      If you cherished this article and you would like to get more info about steroids small penis i implore you to visit our site. Jay Cutler was one of Mr. Olympia’s best triceps of all time. He always worked hard in this group and developed some points that worked very well.

      That way, nothing better than learning from those who know, right? That’s why I invite you to follow me in this reading to know 7 Jay Cutler’s advice to get the best results from your triceps training.

      It’s worth taking a look at, go for me!

      1- Be aware of what movements you are most interested in
      When we talk about the exercise that works best for you, it’s not the one that you feel more comfortable or something, but it’s usually the one that brings you a lot of trouble.

      This discomfort, which does not confuse with the risk of injury or even future pains. For example: there are people who feel their triceps doing the “front of triceps.

      Others, however, achieve a better group activation with French doughnut. Others prefer parallel bars, while others prefer the traditional elbow extension on the pulley with rope or with the handle in V.

      Never mind! Each will always have movements that adapt better, that feel less pain for injuries and that may feel good about muscle work. And it’s in these exercises you should bet the most!

      2- No need for hyperextensions of elbow
      The elbows are very easy joints to injure in push exercises. As such, we need to be careful not to hurt them instead of working in our target muscle group, which is the triceps.

      CONOZCA أعربية 5 mistakes you should never commit in the training of triceps

      Many people have the bad habit of making excessive extensions (hyperextensions) on the elbows and, with that, unfortunately, the injuries begin to appear.

      To avoid this, Jay Cutler has always worked with good breadth, but he never did so sudden elbow extensions.

      Even in curl extensions on the pulley, which is a common extension to “squash the triceps,” Jay did not do it over.

      Whatever the movement, especially in the “front front desks” and the French triceps, try to keep the movement with the maximum amplitude in the eccentric phase and at the end of the concentric phase.

      Right before the full extension, the eccentric phase should be restarted. This will even make your triceps keep a more continuous activation.

      ENTENDER  What is the concentric phase and the eccentric phase?

      It’s worth remembering that you can even do this hyperextension when you’re young and your ligaments still hold, but with the years and especially with the greatest strength and wizard mass, the risks become greater.

      This is because these ligaments and tendons begin to become much more fragile and subject to injury, especially if, over time, they have been working incorrectly.

      3- Prefer to the closed banking press to build your triceps
      The closed banking press is a variation of the traditional banking press, that is, it can be run freely with bar or on the Smith machine, being the first the best option, especially in the low season (mass gain period).

      But if you don’t have enough security or if you can’t count on a good training partner, Smith can be a good choice.

      The difference between the closed banking press and the traditional banking press, as the name says, is the fact that it is with the hands and arms more together, more or less the width of the shoulders.

      In addition, we try to keep the elbows as close as possible to the body so as not to recruit the deltoid (muscles that involve the shoulders) or the chest more than necessary at that time.

      RECOMMENDED ▪ Banking Press: How to perform this excellent exercise for the triceps!

      The closed banking press is an excellent exercise for the start of the training, where you are not yet so fatigued (cansado) and you are still quite strong, able to fully appreciate what the exercise can bring you.

      An interesting advice here is to evaluate the eccentric phase, that is, that bending of the elbows. Try to “stir” the triceps during them, resisting the load.

      Negligence at this stage can not only compromise the maximum efficiency of exercise, but can also cause injuries.

      4-Use the parallel bars to build your triceps
      Parallel bars, such as good composite and multi-articular exercise will contribute enormously to increasing the size of your triceps.

      Even so, because it requires neuromotor control, balance and other aspects, it will allow gains in general in the body, both in strength and in mass magra, balance, stability, control, etc.

      The great difference that exists in the use of parallel bars in the training of triceps and chest is the inclination of the body. For example, in triceps training, you should be right, with legs aligned with the body.

      For breast training, we should lean slightly forward and put your feet a little backward.

      In addition, in the triceps version, greater shoulder stabilization and less deep immersion are more appropriate, but this does not mean that under no circumstances should completely stretch the triceps in the eccentric phase of the movement, okay?

      5- Make extensions behind the head (French hair, extension behind the unilateral head, etc.)
      The exercises that promote the extension of the elbow behind the head are excellent because, in a unique way, they recruit the long head of the triceps completely, as in no other movement or angulation.

      The use of exercises such as the French triceps (with bar, mancuerna, unilateral mancuerna, 2 bilateral mancuers, on machines, with cables etc.) are the best options for the work of this head.

      Despite the effectiveness of this movement, always take into account the versions that can make it more sensitive to joint pain and epicondile (code).

      You should avoid and choose the exercises that allow you to do a good job, but be sure.

      6- Make unilateral reverse extensions to build your triceps
      The reverse unilateral cable extensions on the pulley are excellent because they allow to work on the upper triceps (in the three heads).

      In addition, it promotes a more beautiful and continuous aspect between the posterior deltoids and the triceps. This aspect is very deficient in many athletes and is quite necessary for a good physicist seen from back.

      It is important to make this movement in your triceps training also to promote unilateral stimuli and thus help in the correction of asymmetries and muscle deniveles.

      Because it is done with a reverse grip, it helps you not to use the forearms and make the triceps basically the focus of the movement.

      7- Weight is no more important than technique
      Many people come to the gym and feel like “snarls”: they just want to lift weight and it is, they think they’ll get the best results in a very short time.

      Turns out, if you’re not training to be a kind of weight lifter, this is ineffective if there is no proper technique and tension under the musculature.

      The simple fact of making a move or lifting a heavy load does not mean that your muscles are working properly, otherwise it could still be digging countless types of injuries.

      Therefore, always value the perfect technique and execution. And then yes, add as much burden as possible without compromising execution.

      Given the functional and aesthetic importance of the triceps, nothing better than listening to the voice of those who have done much for sport and who have built one of the best physicists ever seen.

      Therefore, do not “stop” the triceps and train them properly, as they are very important. Even if your genetics aren’t that good, effort will certainly overcome it.

      Good training!

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